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Air Kingdoms


Cataclysm has struck and left the world blown apart. You, and the remains of the Human race, are at war for your very survival. Command your troops and capture the powerful Gravite crystals to restore order to the land. Battle your way through the Elven territories and fight past the sturdy Golemites while defending your Castle in order to save your Kingdom! Rebuild the world in Air Kingdoms, a fast-paced, fully 3D action strategy game!FEATURES
✔ Deploy troops and towers in a fully 3D tug-of-war battle!✔ Unleash powerful spells to destroy your foes!✔ Train your forces to make your units stronger and unlock their unique abilities!✔ Upgrade your castle and towers to keep your enemies at bay!✔ Travel across the world and experience unique 3D environments!✔ Over 50 stages to explore!✔ Devise your own tactics in a game that mixes tower defense and traditional strategy!✔ Additional bosses and challenge modes will test your skill!
Do you have what it takes to conquer the Air Kingdoms?